Robotics & Automation

Virtually simulate and optimize robotic and automated systems.

Across all major industries, market pressures and structural costs are requiring manufacturers to build flexibility into their production facilities. Individual plants need to increase the number of products they can build while exceeding their current quality targets and optimizing their shop floor footprint.

The Robotics and Automation Planning solution enables manufacturers to virtually develop, simulate and commission robotic and automated manufacturing systems, including highly automated plants with a variable production mix. Multiple engineering disciplines use the solution’s virtual environment to plan and validate manufacturing systems that range from single workcells to complete production lines. The solution’s Process Simulate Robotics capabilities facilitate virtual commissioning by supporting offline validation of production tooling equipment at the system level.

The Robotics and Automation Planning solution enables manufacturers to build more flexibility into their manufacturing operations by optimizing robotic systems so they support all aspects of product and process variation.

  • Ability to coordinate workcell through station-level development
  • Ability to handle robot garden manufacturing configurations
  • Support for multiple model mixes and variants
  • Event-based simulation and validation
  • Support for virtual devices with built-in logic (smart devices) that mirror the characteristics and behavior of real devices
  • Virtual commissioning environment to optimize the build, test and installation of production tooling equipment
  • Ability to optimize a complete mix of product models and production scenarios
  • Optimize production tooling equipment’s build, test and installation procedures.
  • Optimize production facility complex mix of product models and plant scenarios.
  • Optimize time to volume and reduce time-to-market
  • Make informed purchasing, system modification and new technology decisions before installing new systems or modifying current production.
  • Process Simulate
  • Plant Simulation
  • EmPlanner
  • EmPlant
  • FactoryCAD
  • FactoryFlow
  • Factory Mockup
  • In Context Editor


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