Industrial Design & Styling

Concept design and easy free form surfacing, to production ready modelling.

To be innovation leaders, designers can’t just listen to customers and create.  They must also anticipate engineering constraints, and create data that can be re-used directly by engineering.  Integrated industrial design and styling with product engineering, simulation and manufacturing will allow your team to succeed.  These tools include all of the basic options for the initial concept stages, such as the creation and visualization of proposed designs, as well as additional tools for the production of primary and secondary surfaces. Our Industrial Design & Styling Solution combines surface and solid modeling tools and puts powerful traditional engineering tools on the designer’s desk.

Integrated styling with product engineering results in significant productivity and ROI gains

Our Industrial Design & Styling solution allows for creating, modifying and analyzing free form and aesthetically pleasing surfaces and shapes. Allows for conceptual models as well as for producing precisely defined surfaces, including Class A surfaces.  Supports the designer’s need to control surface curvature and surface transitions. Facilitates mathematically well defined and controlled manufacturable design solutions. Provides dynamic displays of surface changes. Delivers easy to use functionality for sophisticated designs. It provides comprehensive toolkit for design visualization, and real-time rendering capabilities and enables true virtual prototyping at a fraction of the time.

  • Free form modeling
  • Free form shape design
  • Advanced surface analysis
  • Dynamic and photorealistic rendering
  • Solid and feature-based modeling
  • Assembly modelling
  • Logo mapping (scale, stretch, map to surface)
  • Curve-based – user creates styled shapes via splines and sketching
  • Surface-based – user creates slab surfaces and modifies (pushes and pulls) them
  • Reverse Engineering-based – user scans physical objects, then map surfaces/curves to the mesh
  • Class A surfaces
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product validation
  • Primitive or parametric models
  • Molded part validation
  • Custom program execution
  • Embedded GD&T and PMI
  • Integrated styling and product engineering
  • NX Solid & Feature Modeling
  • NX Rapid Prototyping
  • NX Molded Part Validation
  • NX Freeform Shape
  • NX Advanced Surface Analysis
  • NX Advanced Sheetmetal Design


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