Ergonomic Solution

Digital Humans for product and process evaluation and improvements.

Among the most important aspects of engineering products and systems for consumers and manufacturers alike is the ability for human beings to be able to navigate and co-exist with these products and systems. The Ergonomic Solution from Geometric Solutions adds that human element, virtually. Designed specifically to match product, process, and environments with human capabilities to minimize risk, maximize production, and optimize functionality.

  • Evaluate Physical Risk Factors
  • Repetitive and Forceful Exertions
  • Stressful Postures, Mechanical Stress
  • Temperature Extremes, Excessive Vibration
  • Enhance and Improve User Interface
  • Reach, Fit, Clearance
  • Maintenance, Serviceability
  • Analyze, Assess, and Design for Cognitive Issues
  • Information Processing
  • Error Reduction
  • Control Display Relations
  • Minimize Injury Risk
  • Meet OSHA Standards
  • Identify “Uncomfortable” Consumer Interfaces
  • Increase Productivity
  • Safer Workplaces
  • Plant Environments
  • Office Environments
  • Classic Jack
  • NX Human
  • PS Human
  • Vis Jack


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