Dimensional Quality

3D digital production build quality analysis, and real time CMM data access.

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year on product quality issues such as parts not fitting together properly, scrap, and rework. Variation causes a large percentage of expensive and time consuming build problems and engineering changes. With the Dimensional Solution from Geometric Solutions, 3D digital prototypes are created to simulate the production build process to predict build problems.

In addition to upfront prediction of quality, prior to cutting any steel, our solution offers real time analysis of quality from any of your plants.  The Dimensional Quality Solution offers an integrated set of tools for real time capture, management and analysis of measurement data. It enables faster problem resolution, hence increasing productivity and improving quality.  If your plants capture CMM, Vision, White light, or even hand held measurement data, you can verify issues, report details, validate process design, establish root causes, corrective action and containment plans – all from your desk at your home office.

  • 3D Tolerance Analysis
  • 3D Tolerance Stacks
  • Geometric Dimensioning (GD&T)
  • PAPP / First Article Inspection
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Statistical Tolerance Analysis
  • Identify Contributors to Variation
  • Reduce Manufacturing Costs
  • Maximizing Allowable Tolerances
  • Obtain First Time Quality
  • Meet Fit & Finish Quality Targets
  • Return to Fundamental Engineering Approach
  • Decrease Time to Market Through Virtual Prototyping
  • NX Solid & Feature Modeling
  • VisVSA / VSA
  • Vis Quality
  • DPV Viewer
  • DPV Reporting & Analysis
  • DPV Inspection Process Author
  • NX CMM Inspection


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