CAE Solutions for Designers

Simulation Tools Embedded in NX CAD software, for quick analysis.

Shortening time to market, controlling development costs, ensuring quality and innovation are keys to success in every industry. Digital Simulation (CAE) is critical to improving product development efficiency but some companies have realized limited ROI because simulation activities are disconnected from development process and results arrive too late to influence design.

CAE Solutions for Designers delivers value with a dramatically faster simulation process since the designer can quickly perform the analysis – without waiting for specialists to perform the work in remote locations. In essence, it replaces multiple “high end” analyst tools with a single Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Solution for large complex problems. Common environment for CAD and CAE leads to more efficient development

Even small changes are immediately carried forward to all the dimensions of the part, since we have the benefit of having everything within the same environment. CAE Solutions for Designers no longer.

  • Integrated Design & CAE Environment
  • Common, scalable environment for designers and analysts to speed up iterations
  • Pre-packaged solutions for electronic systems cooling and space systems thermal analysis
  • Linear and nonlinear structural analysis
  • Steady-state and transient flow
  • Conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer
  • Fully-coupled thermo-fluid and thermo-elastic simulation
  • Durability analysis, multi-body dynamics with controls, motion simulation with flexible bodies
  • Response simulation; model correlation and updating for comparison with physical tests
  • Common environment for CAD and CAE leads to more efficient development
  • Wizards for stress, vibration and durability
  • Geometry-based meshing and analysis
  • Embedded motion simulation with flexible body capability
  • Integrated Nastran (NASA STRuctural ANalysis) solver for linear statics, normal modes, linear buckling and contact, steady-state heat transfer
  • NX Design Simulation
  • NX Advanced Simulation
  • NX Nastran
  • NX Motion
  • NX electromechanical simulation
  • NX thermal and flow solutions NX-native CAE environments


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