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CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM SOFTWARE: Geometric Solutions specializes in PLM software solutions, service, support and training. Our strategic partnerships enable us to provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies, and services to maximize creativity, productivity and profitability. Geometric Solutions serves the automotive, aerospace, military, medical devices, heavy machinery and energy industries around the world.

TECHNICAL TRAINING: Training is essential to get your team up and running efficiently and producing quality results. We offer certified training for all of our software and solutions packages. When you need customized training, we come to you.

IT SUPPORT: Geometric Solutions uses the latest support methods to support our customers. As needed, Tech Support can initiate an over the web appshare to demonstrate and/or “take control” of the customers’ desktop to help fix a modeling problem or any other software issue.

CONSULTING & IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES: Geometric Solutions can preform an audit of your current installed software solutions and assess your various engineering and manufacturing processes. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive roadmap, outlining the right tools, services and best practices to maximize your creativity, productivity and ultimately, your profitability. We can install and implement all of our partner’s software solutions by working with your IT group and engineers to ensure that your software is installed and configured correctly. We can provide support to ensure your existing data is properly migrated to your new software solutions.

Siemens PLM - Take Control of Engineering Data with PDM


  • NX 7 redefines productivity with a powerful suite of integrated CAD, CAE, and CAM solutions.

  • CAM Express is a CAD-Neutral machining software application that brings your products to life.

  • Mechanical design system with exceptional tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes.

  • Real FEA Made Easy. Femap can simulate your engineering problems today.

  • Test, analyze, and optimize prior to making any physical tool or facilities investments.

  • Empower innovation and improve productivity through access and communication to information.



  • We have experience translating 3D solids, fully Parametric Models, and 2D drawings.

    CAD Data Translation
    & Migration

  • Training is the essence to get your team running fast, effectively and producing quality results.

  • We can support your team with qualified personnel, already trained and ready to go.

  • We will work together to demonstrate how to use the tools in the future.

  • We have experienced IT staff that can install and configure systems to meet your needs.